Common AC Problems

Air conditioners are essential for beating the heat during the hot, humid summer months.  When the central A/C quits working it can make thing miserable when temperatures reach 90 degrees.  Central air conditioning repair requires the expertise of a qualified service technician.  Here are 5 problems that indicate the need for professional AC repair:

AC not cooling the air – When the air conditioner fails to provide cool air relief there could be several problems.  The condenser or evaporator may need cleaning or the unit could be low in refrigerant.  These issues should be handled by a licensed ac repair professional.  

Motor and Compressor Problems – Installing a new compressor or diagnosing problems with the motor can be complicated.  If the service manual doesn’t provide an easy solution then it is best to call a licensed AC repair technician to check it out. 

Refrigerant Leaking – Issues with the refrigerant require a certified AC service technician.  The homeowner or neighborhood handyman should leave this alone!

All appliances, including the furnace and central air conditioning unit require maintenance to perform properly and efficiently.  Annual HVAC cleaning and preventative maintenance will reduce the chance of breakdown and improve efficiency to save energy.  Attempting to fix the unit yourself could result in further damage or injury.  Read HVAC Maintenance Checklist to learn more.

Appliance Parts Today has served DIY central air repair customers since March of 2003.  The local air conditioning parts supplier welcomes the general public while others will only do business with licensed contractors.  Appliance Parts Today offers a large line of replacement parts for home appliance repair and air conditioning repair.  Their friendly staff will also answer questions and provide technical advice to ensure a more successful DIY AC repair experience.