AC and Heating Systems

There are several types of air conditioning and heating systems that can be installed in homes.  The ideal system to own depends on several factors including home specifications like size, style and type of power source (fuel or electricity).  Here, we will discuss four types of heating and cooling systems:

Split systems are the most common AC and heating system located both inside and outside the home.  The AC unit outdoors cools refrigerant while the furnace and evaporator coil inside converts the refrigerant and circulates the air.  Ducts distribute the air throughout the home.  The thermostat controls the temperature and optional air quality accessories like air cleaners or ventilators circulate cleaner air.

A hybrid heat split system is a more energy-efficient variation of the traditional heating and cooling system.  It includes a heat pump that can be used with electric heating and cooling and gas furnace heat.  The heat pump cools and/or heats refrigerant and the furnace and evaporator coil converts refrigerant and circulates air.  Air is distributed through duct work and the thermostat controls temperature.  Optional air quality accessories are also available for this system.

Ductless split systems can be installed in homes where conventional ducted systems cannot go.  They can also be an ideal addition to a duct system.  A heat pump or air conditioner cools and or heats refrigerant.  Refrigerant tubing and wires connects the outdoor unit to the fan coil which converts refrigerant and circulates air. 

Customized packaged systems are available for homes that lack the space for separate components of the split system. 

No matter which type of system you have, it should only be serviced by a qualified heating and cooling technician.  If you are shopping for a new heating and cooling system read Choosing the Ideal HVAC System for more information.

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